Here are a few videos and pictures from our adventures in October!



I'm trying to get caught up now with videos and pictures from both of our phones and the camera...my next few posts may not be in order. I'm just going to roll with things as I come across them. Here is a link to Dropbox for a few videos and a picture from our adventures in November!


a little somethin'-somethin'

I had to give up on the notion that in order to create a post I had to have enough time to put everything in that I haven't posted over the past couple months. Here's just a cute little video I shot today. I don't care if I'm biased; he is so stinkin' cute!


Halloween 20-13

We've been tracking the elusive Superman for a while now but all we've been able to secure in photographs are, well...useless.



Until today, that is. Lois Lane, special reporter for the Daily Planet, was able to catch up to "The Man of Steel" and find out what makes him tick. What goes on in the mind of our hero? Who is he really?

Superman, AKA Clark Kent, AKA Porter Auga, AKA cutie patootie, was extremely busy and wouldn't sit for an interview but I was able to gather some information.

-Favorite activity: crunching leaves outside, or exploring all the drawers, cupboards, containers, etc inside.
-Favorite food: bananas. Or candy; he recently discovered the powers of candy. 

"It was through the wrapper, but I could tell it was just so tasty." Sources say that candy may prove to have side effects similar to kryptonite.

What other things does Superman enjoy? Bath time, losing the pieces to his barn yard puzzle, stacking block rings two at a time, and has a surprisingly human soft spot for: snack time!

"People think that a super hero doesn't get tired, hungry, or cranky...but I have needs! Sometimes I just need a break to snuggle with my mommy or to grab a bite to eat. I live an exciting life, but you know...it's nice to just sit down and read a book or watch some Baby Einstein once in a while. That really calms me down when I feel like I have the weight of the world on me."


First photo shoot: sneak peek!

I have butterflies in my stomach! This is my first time taking pictures for any kind of compensation so I feel like the bar has been raised...which, I feel helped stretch me in such a good way! Also, these young ladies are amazing so I wanted to do their intrinsic beauty justice. I must say, the surroundings and these sisters can take all the credit for how things turned out. Here's a sneak peak of M & L's portrait session.

(as always, I'm trying to learn and grow, please leave a comment telling me specifics of what you love or felt was lacking in aspects of photography/editing)


Boy loves his books.

*Proud mommy moment*
Finally, something that can compete with food on Porter's List of Things Worth Living For.


The Wisdom of a Quarter Century...or something like it.

I'm 25 years old? Honestly, I had to do the math. It seems every year the number means less and less, what does matter to me is what I get out of each birthday (and I don't mean the presents).
What I've gathered in a quarter of a century:

Water is the first ingredient in the Fountain of Youth and is my beverage of choice (thanks, Dad! It only took 25 years, but I got it!)

Cold cereal is, and always will be, appropriate at any time of day (retired, on a beach in Mexico, 1 am; I'll be there eating a bowl of Kix).

Jackie O. was right: Pearls are always appropriate. I wear pearl earrings to clean my house!

Life is too short to not live it with passion. Do what you love and happiness will follow. Likewise, money does not ensure happiness.

Baby laughs are the second ingredient in the Fountain of Youth.

Beauty is not 6' anything, size 2, blonde, or free of blemish. It doesn't wear heels or vintage dresses. Beauty often doesn't have a thing to wear and hates its' hair when it is running late. Beauty forgot long ago what a toned tummy looks like because it is too busy cooking or fixing the washer. Beauty is not vain, but confident. Beauty is a belief.

Heavenly Father knows everything, sometimes he lets me in on His secrets.
P.S. Those "secrets" aren't really secret at all, but every now and then I get smart enough to open my eyes to what's in front of me.

I can appreciate the rough patches in life like I appreciate an ominous thunderstorm: there's beauty to be found if you look hard enough. It makes me appreciate the sunshine that much more, reminds me of the essentials (umbrella, dry socks), and leaves a whole lot more potential for growth and beauty than there was before.

Cheater! Caught...I refused to play along at first.

We went up to beautiful Huntsville for a special birthday dinner with the Huggards. Spaghetti. No forks, no hands. Ugh. I struggle at the best of times to eat neatly; this was my worst nightmare and also great fun. (Believe it or not this isn't the first time I've been asked to eat spaghetti without a fork...just the first time without my hands. Utah tradition? Hmmm.)